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MetaGateway allows investment in Binary Options broker directly from MetaTrader 4 and 5. Its the fastest way of sending your CALL or PUT order to the broker. All you have to do is press a button! It is not necessary to use the broker´s Web interface. In addition, you can also send automatic orders from your Expert Advisors (EAs) or MT4 / MT5 Indicators.

MetaGateway is actually a package of tools:

- MetaGateway: A Windows .Net application written in C# that sends MT4 / MT5 signals to It also displays a summary of current and past orders (see screenshot bellow). You can choose to use your Real or Demo accounts and either automatic or manual login.

- MetaClient; A simple MT4 / MT5 indicator that adds a panel allowing you to place manual orders from a MT4 / MT5 chart. MetaClient can also be configured to read signals from an Indicator and send authomatic orders. Please note that integration with existing indicators cannot be granted for sure, since whe have no control over third party indicator internal logic and workings. 

 Sample mql4 source code: Shows how to modify your EA/Indicator allowing it to send automatic orders to through MetaGateway. This is the best option for sending automatic orders when you have access to your indicator or EA mql4 / mql5 source code. 

MetaGateway  requires MT4 or MT5 and Windows 7 or superior (tested on W7 and W10)

MetaClient interface:

MetaGateway interface:

Imagem inline 3

MetaGateway lifetime license costs US$ 50,00. It allows usage of both your Demo and Real accounts, so you can test strategies on your demo account and switch to real account when you are confident with your strategies. 

We accept Paypal and Bitcoins.

Click Paypal Button bellow to buy it right now, or contact us for exchange rates and details for Bitcoin payments. 

Please be sure your Paypal email is valid; we will use it to contact you and provide a download link. You can also contact us using the email bellow.

Due to Paypal restrictions, brazilian clients will be unable to pay in US Dollars. Please contact us for exchange rates and alternative payment options.

For more information please contact us at

11 comentários:

  1. PLEASE CAN YOU modify this panel to be able to place or send 5, 10, and 15 minutes trades at the same time or at the same click?

    1. MetaGateway does not generate trades by itself. It will send all trades it receives from MetaClient or your own EA. You can program your EA to send as many trades you want at the same time using different expiration dates.

    2. okay, but can you create one that send trades like that, on different time frame?

    3. Is it possible set an order with expiration time at the end of actual time frame? For example now it s 17:26, start a "call" order now and end at 18:00 (H1 candle)?

    4. Yes; when trading manually you can choose the TF and then ask MetaGateway to round expiration time either up or down. When trading from an EA integrated to MetaGateway you can also efine the exact expiration time in minutes, so any expiration is possible.

  2. yes, exactly, a panel not EA, trades will be place manually

    1. MetaGateway allows you to clik CALL and PUT buttons to trade manually, and it also reads indicator buffers to place trades automatically. Also, you can call MetGateway directly from mql4 & mql5 source code, so if you are developing an EA or indicator you can trade automatically from it.

  3. Hi do you plan to integrate other binary options brokers?

    thank you

    1. At this time, only is supported.

  4. Amazing product! This is exactly what I needed to autotrade my BO strategy. Works flawlessly! I was going to try to create a product like this for my own use, but Gelson has put it all together and for a good price, saving me many hours of coding.

    He was also extremely helpful in answering all of my questions quickly and in great detail. Never experienced such great customer service. For anyone like me, who is using as their broker and wanting to autotrade their strategy, this is the perfect solution!


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